But I Was Just Being Friendly




idk why wearing someone else’s shirt or sweater or jacket is so satisfying and comforting but it is

but not as satisfying as seeing someone else wearing your jacket or sweatshirt. like. wow. they’re wearing my sweatshirt. and it’s cute as fuck. 

the bond between the person wearing someone else’s clothes and the person whose clothes they are wearing is strong


have you ever had the urge to spoil somebody and buy them everything they’ve ever wanted because they are just so wonderful and you love them a lot and they deserve all of the nice things??? then u realize u are broke and sad

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I’m sorry America but your education system is fucked up. It explains a great deal I see on tumblr.

  • me: takes five hours to explain pansexuality to someone
  • person: so you're bi

muupoo asked: "summoning with cute underwear, a megaten game, a kitten, a feminist badge and some anime merch :3"

Sounds perfect ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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Anonymous asked: "what does your dress look like? (hella fab probably)"


youll be getting better pictures after tonight, but heres the dress

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You have NO idea how happy thid makes me. Beautiful black girl in seifuku with notes. Lord yes

she’s. so. CUTE!

please tell me who this is

Five Things You’d Put in a Pentagram to Summon Me



Your move, followers. What items do you use to bring me forth? 

lol im curious


I was at the mall today and overheard this dude talking to two lesbian chicks. I hear him ask, “So which one of you is the guy in your relationship?” And the one girl looks into her pants and says, “It’s not me. How bout you? Are you hiding a dick in there?” Then her girlfriend looks in her pants and says, “Nope, I’m not.” Then the first chick looks at the dude and says, “Hmmm, guess that’s why we are lesbians.” And then I lost my shit.